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QAD ERP Solution

QAD delivers next generation ERP solutions to keep pace with emerging business disruptors and to use the changes for competitive advantage.

  • Anything is as services (Xaas)

  • Make to order at scale

  • Digital transformation

We tailor to your needs according and find solutions unique to you in areas such as: 

  • Digital manufacturing

  • Automation Solution

  • Production Execution

  • Enterprise Quality Management

  • Enterprise Assets Management

  • Integrated Suppliers Management

  • Customer management

  • Enterprise Financial management


With our industrial experiences across Automotive, Industrial Products, Medical Devices, Foods & Beverage, Consumer & Packaging, and Electronics and Electrical, to serve you with blended consultancy services at

  • Project management

  • Solution Architecting

  • Business Consultancy

  • Application Training

  • Customization 

  • Post Support

  • Cloud Application Management Support 

Brainstorm Team Meeting
Entering Keys
Entering Keys


Our qualified consultants to address your business challenges with the right tools set


  • QAD ERP Application

  • Progress Programming

  • Database Administration

  • Web Base Application

  • Enterprise Application Interface

  • QAD franchise Cloud hosting Solution 

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