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QAD Named Top 10 Most Powerful ERP Vendor

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

It’s time to celebrate! CIO Magazine recently named QAD one of the 10 most powerful ERP vendors on the market today (hey, we’re not surprised!). We’re honored and excited – and eager to continue to deliver next generation ERP in the cloud, that is agile and effective, on a flexible platform.

The author of the CIO article couldn’t have described QAD better when he pointed out that today’s “companies embracing digital transformation seek the flexibility, agility, speed, and remote access to applications that come with cloud-based systems.”

“Gartner ranks QAD as a visionary in the category of manufacturing and supply chain management for midsize manufacturers with its cloud-based QAD Adaptive ERP suite,” he continued. “It recently purchased WebJaguar, a digital commerce platform, to create an omnichannel customer management solution for both B2B and B2C.”

QAD in the Cloud

The ranking of ERP vendors in the CIO article looks at the cloud strategy and vision for the future of ERP of each vendor. The benefits of implementing a cloud-based ERP are numerous, which is why QAD’s vision is so driven by the QAD Cloud.

QAD Adaptive ERP delivers critical benefits to manufacturers, including rapid deployment, scalability, disaster recovery, data security, remote access and 24/7 support. It is simple to implement, manage and upgrade. It optimizes cloud-based manufacturing ERP software and supply chain capabilities with a modern platform and user experience – giving manufacturers essential tools to compete in competitive markets.

Among the benefits that put QAD on the list of the top 10 ERP vendors is the fact that QAD has built industry-specific ERP for manufacturers with fully integrated applications from the QAD Adaptive Applications portfolio, including process maps/processes and vertical-specific options. It is a comprehensive solution supporting core business needs and operations. QAD Adaptive ERP delivers a web-based user experience and native mobile access, optimizing real-time decision-making and delivering insight from analytics.

Getting the Most Out of an Adaptive ERP

When manufacturers have fully optimized digital manufacturing efforts, they gain significant competitive advantages. Digital manufacturing is the critical capability that integrates planning, scheduling, quality, cost management, asset management, material movement and shop floor control. The results are reduced costs, higher quality and better customer service.

QAD developed a diagnostic tool that assesses where manufacturers are today on their journey toward full digital manufacturing maturity. The Digital Manufacturing Diagnostic tool delivers intelligence into nine dimensions of the digital manufacturing maturity model, which draw on the answers to questions provided in the areas of planning, execution and monitoring/adapting to disruptive events. Below are a few examples.


  • Is it realistic?

  • Is communication sufficient?

  • Is planning aligned with execution, monitoring and the ability to adapt to change?


  • Are directions clear?

  • Is data efficiently captured?

  • Is full traceability available?

Monitoring and Adaptability

  • What are the actual costs?

  • Is the enterprise responsive?

  • Are assets optimized?

Take the Digital Manufacturing Diagnostic

After completing the 12-question diagnostic assessment, respondents receive a report describing those areas that would yield better results by implementing a digital solution. Takers of the assessment can also be connected with a QAD expert to discuss opportunities for quick digital transformation wins.

Learn more about the ins and outs of QAD’s Digital Manufacturing Diagnostic in our recent blog. You can also review a sample results report to better understand the Digital Manufacturing maturity model and what to expect.

Kristin is a member of the QAD marketing communications team. She is responsible for highlighting customer success as well as jumping in to help with social media and blogging

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